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Fire Rated, Non-Flammable, Non-Combustible including other testing requirements.

Class A 1 and 2 hour rated.

IBC Code Compliant Type I through Type V Construction

ICC Compliant under AC386 (Acceptance Criteria for MAGNESIUM OXIDE BASED SHEETS.)

Thermal Insulation Properties

Provides a high level of resistance to thermal movements during hot and cold cycles (Thermal Shock)

Impact Resistant  

           An ability to withstand abuse,  including surface impact

Low Carbon Manufacturing Process

A natural cured process with a chemical reaction using low levels of heat and a lengthy drying out stage

Moisture & Water Resistant

Terasun Safeboard« will not physically deteriorate when subjected to water or moisture. Provides a strong moisture barrier

Sound Insulation

Provides excellent sound insulation for walls, floors and ceilings

Rodent Resistant

Resistant to rodent infestation like mice, rats and insects

Easy and Fast to work

Easy and simple to prepare and attach. Rough surface allows application of textured, cementitious renders or direct paint / wallpaper

Mould Resistant

Unlike paper faced / wood based products; Terasun« does not contain cellulose, limiting mould growth


Ensures a healthy, durable working building with a natural ability to absorb and release moisture

Chemically Stable

Produced from natural inorganic raw materials, resulting in a strong, durable chemically stable board

Non- Hazardous to health

Will not cause harm to persons and/or the environment. Terasun Safeboard« is made without asbestos or other inorganic fibers.

Product advantages


1With great fire proof, Terasun Safeboard« is a non-combustible board and is Class A Rated. 

2With excellent water proof, Terasun Safeboard« is humidly stable and can maintain stability in performance and not expand in places of high humidity.

3With high intensity, Terasun Safeboard« is more solid than conventional paperbacked gypsum drywall including Type X.  Terasun Safeboard« is solid, substantial and not easily damaged by shocks. 

4Thermal insulation and sound insulation: Terasun Safeboard« has great thermal insulation and heat preservation values.  Any size partition wall where Safeboard« is used has better heat preservation than normal gypsum drywall.

5Long endurance in use: Terasun Safeboard«  is characteristic and performance stable, acid and alkali resistance, which ensures super long endurance.

6Low shrinkage: Terasun Safeboard« is made by using advanced techniques like pressing by advanced components. The dry state shrinkage ration and expansion rate are well controlled and it's the best board among all inorganic boards with respect to the performance.

7Convenient for construction: Terasun Safeboard« has good mechanical properties and is able to be sawed, shaved, and nailed without warping or cracking.

Terasun« Sulfate Magnesium (TSM)  


TERASUN (TSM) SAFEBOARD« (fiber reinforce magnesium composite board) is our new advanced generation product without calcium ions.

TERASUN (TSM) SAFEBOARD« contains no chloride at all, which means it is totally anti-halogenation.

  video about Terasun« (TSM)

TSM is Anti-halogenation, water resistant, humidly stable, fire  resistant, termite resistant, light weight, flexional (easy to be shaped, perforated and bended), long service life, and environmental friendly.

is a revolutionary building material that provides an alternative to concrete  backer board, exterior structural (OSB) wall board, interior gypsum (drywall)board and other traditional building materials. 

 especially suits suspended ceilings, exterior & interior wall projects, office buildings, apartment buildings, conferences centers, hotels, hospitals, clean plants, labs, commercial centers, tunnels, subways, airports, warehouses, residential homes, etc. 
  TSM also has high fire ratings, strong impact strength and can be designed with great ballistic values for military and non-military uses.








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